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World Fastest Whip Cracker: Mick Denigan

Holding the title of the world’s fastest whip cracker, Mick’s unparalleled skill and agility have set him apart as a true master of his craft. His journey to the top has been marked by relentless practice, and a passion for the art.

Mick’s performances are a mesmerizing display of control and dexterity, showcasing the beauty and intensity of whip cracking as both a sport and an art form.

Whether breaking records or sharing his expertise through exhibitions, Mick continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with a whip, inspiring the next generation and solidifying his legacy in the world of whip cracking.

Mick's Whips, Professional whip cracker, stock whips

Meet Mick

Professional Whip Cracker

In 1988, Mick was inspired to keep the old stock whip traditions alive whilst working on the Bicentennial project called Droving Australia.

He saw that whips were falling by the wayside and that there was much future scope for them as a sporting, tourism and cultural endeavour.

Mick has even set the world record for the number of times a guy over 50 has cracked a whip!

Join the Club

Whip Crackers Club

The World Wide Whip Crackers Club is a way to participate in whip cracking in a structured, organised and fun Way. Using a merit structure similar to martial arts groups, beginning at the White Belt level and advances nine levels to Black Belt Whipcracker.

Mick's Whips, Worldwide whip crackers club
Mick's Whips, Crocodile and stock whips Museum

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The Whip Museum focuses primarily on whips! Stock whips, bull whips, bullocky whips, jockey whips, whips for corporal punishment, whip making tools, and how whips are made.We’ve also got a great display of whip paintings and a crocodile catching exhibit.

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