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A Date with Darwin

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“Here are seven great ways to help you discover the real Darwin. Crack! A five-inch piece of plaited twine breaks the sound barrier with a sonic boom. Attached to the end of the twine is six feet of plaited kangaroo leather fixed to a wooden handle.

On the end of the handle is Mick Denigan, master leather craftsman and Australia’s whip-crack extraordinaire.

A huge Indiana Jones fan since childhood, I’m drawn to the whip like the proverbial moth to a flame. Left hand on hip, right hand swirling overhead, Mick’s expert voice instructs off to my side, “that’s it, keep it moving and when the handle gets behind your left ear, snap it across the front of your body”.

People are watching, my arm begins to tire and the whip is losing momentum. In place of a triumphant crack, however, is the collective wince from the crowd as I manage only to wrap the leather plait around my own head.”

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