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Big ‘n’ Bizarre

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“Is it possible to write about the world’s largest stockwhip without using phrases like “get cracking” and “whip around”? Let’s see. (Damn, too late already!)

We’re about 60kms south of Darwin at Mick’s Whips homestead, a 20-acre whip-themed property where you can see the most spectacular whip-cracking demonstrations in the country. Professional whip maker Mick Denigan has been teaching ordinary folk how to crack like experts for years. He also exports thousands of hand-made whips to people including Bill Gates, actor Keeanu Reeves and former US president, George Bush. He also provided all the whips in Baz Luhrmann’s 2008 movie, Australia, placing both Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman at serious risk of being upstaged by their props.”

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Mick’s Whips

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“In true Australian fashion, real Australian whips are made from Kangaroo skin. Meet the expert, Mick, who tells us all about why Australia has the best whips in the world and has a cracking good time!”

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Mindil Sunset Market – Darwin

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“Running on a Thursday and Sunday evening the Mindil Sunset Market is a visitation highlight of Darwin. We decided to drop in on the midweek Thursday market and it was a great evening out. Make sure you take an empty stomach as I have never seen so many food vans in the same place before! A big thanks to Mick from Micks Whips who helped me achieve #164 on my bucket list “Learn to crack a bull whip” he put on a great display of skill promoting his stall with bull whip tricks.”
Photo by Thomas Jupe.

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