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Whipping around the world

Written by : Posted on July 27, 2007 : No Comments

“Can you crack a tune using a whip?

Mick Dinnigan can. He’s the President of the Australian Whip Cracking Association.

He can do a rendition of the Australian anthem, and his advice for the inexperienced is to wear a broadbrimmed hat and sunnies in case you hit yourself.”

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Toronto Gala Turns Snowy Square into Outback Oasis

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“For those looking for an unforgettable evening of dining in the Outback without going too far from home, look no further than the G’DAY Toronto Penfolds Sounds of Silence Gala.

The gala, which is a re-creation of Australia’s famed Sounds of Silence dinner with dining as if watching the sunset over Ayer’s Rock (Uluru), is one of the events during the four-day G’DAY Toronto Australia Week 2007 from February 15-18, 2007.Entertainment at the Gala includes the world’s best whip-cracker, Mick Denigan, performances by the Descendance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Troupe as well as Australian musical entertainment.”

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Arafura Games open in Darwin

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“The Arafura Games have started in percussive fashion tonight with athletes from 30 nations entering Darwin’s Marrara Stadium to rhythms from around the Asia-Pacific region.

The cauldron lighting had a real Territory flavour, with whipcracking expert Mick Denigan using a pair of flaming bullwhips to light the cauldron.”

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Push towards a National whip cracking competition

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“MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN: Whip cracking is iconically Australian. But according to Mick Denigan, the president of the Australian Whipcrackers Association, the sport is struggling. As Neal Woolrich reports, the NT’s Mick Denigan has made it his personal mission to start a national whipcracking competition.

MICK DENIGAN, AUSTRALIAN WHIPCRACKERS ASSOCIATION: Whips is my lifestyle, it’s my income. But more than that it’s a part of the Australian culture and that’s where I want to see it progress and I like to see people employed in the manufacture of whips and more so using them for a bit of fun.”

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