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Welcome to the “The Whip Museum” 

Step into a world where history and craftsmanship intertwine at Mick’s Whips Museum, a captivating destination near Darwin in the Northern Territory. This unique museum invites you to explore the heritage and artistry of whip making, showcasing an impressive collection that spans decades of dedication and innovation.

Discover the Legacy:

From the traditional whips used to modern sporting and performance whips, our exhibits reveal the evolution of this age-old craft. Each whip tells a story, reflecting the ingenuity and skill of artisans dedicated to preserving this art. 

World Record Achievements:

Marvel at the achievements of Mick, who holds the world record for the most whip cracks in ten seconds with two whips . He achieved 127 Cracks in ten seconds , the speed of 12cracks / second is the fastest in the world! Learn about his journey, from his beginnings on the Bicentennial project, Droving Australia, to becoming a cultural ambassador for this traditional art form. Discover his stunning whip paintings that capture the elegance and power of whips in action. 

We’ve also got displays of whip paintings and a crocodile catching exhibit. And of course the “World’s Largest Stockwhip”!

Northern Territory

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Check out our Museum, just 45 minutes from Darwin. Why not make a day of it and visit the beautiful Berry Springs Nature Park and Territory Wildlife Park, or grab lunch at the Berry Springs Tavern. Please phone 08 8988 6400 for an appointment. COSTS
  • Family $20
  • Adults $10
  • Children under 16 $5
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