Crocodile Catchers DVD



Mick Denigan has been making and selling Crocodile skin products at the Mindil Beach Markets for quarter of a century. With a change of government in the early 2000’s Mick was given the opportunity to catch his own crocodiles as part of the sustainable use of wildlife and has been doing that every year ever since.

So what has Mick called his short film … “ Crocodile Catchers “ of course! But it’s not yet another documentary. It’s a comedy about two crocodile catchers, who after deliberation devise a novel way of luring the timid crocs out into the open so they can be more easily harvested.

“Inexpensive modern cameras, easily accessible editing suites, affordable DVD replication and digital media platforms means that no one has an excuse not to make at lease one short film in their life time” Mick says. In a form of reverse crowd funding, Mick is inviting everyone to his website to view the trailer for free or purchase a memento to help produce the sequel “Crocodile Catchers 11.”

Watch the trailer, purchase here if you want the DVD, or visit Vimeo to download the movie.

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