How to Crack a Stockwhip DVD



How To Crack A Stockwhip is a must for anyone who owns a stockwhip or wants to know more about them. This educational DVD shows a variety of techniques and tricks that can help you master the art of whip cracking, safety procedures, helpful hints, and answers to commonly asked questions. From basic tricks such as the “Cattleman’s Crack” and “Figure Eights”, to the more advanced tricks like the “Sydney Flash”, “Crossovers”, and Mick’s own “Northern Star”.¬†Filled with many whip cracking techniques that Mick has invented including Strobe Light Whip cracking, Electric Whips and the outstanding Fire Whips. A complimentary audio CD is also included with a recording of the song’s Mick performs at his shows.

Watch the trailer, purchase here if you want the DVD, or visit Vimeo to download the movie.

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