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The World Wide Whip Crackers Club is a way to participate in whip cracking in a structured, organised and fun way. Using a merit structure similar to martial arts groups, beginning at the White Belt level and advances nine levels to Black Belt Whipcracker. You can even buy a badge for your belt or key ring. Check out our DVD to learn all the tricks!

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Mick's Whips, Whip cracking club
Mick's Whips, Australian made stock whips
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World Wide Whip Crackers

White Belt

  • Single handed: Cattlemans’ crack in the front left and right hand. Crack to the side left and right hand

Yellow Belt

  • Single handed: Woosh bang, left and right handed.
  • Double handed: Cattlemans Crack, staggered, together and balanced.

Orange Belt

  • Single handed: Slow figure eights and Tassie cutback left and right handed.
  • Double handed: Woosh bang, together, staggered and balanced.

Green Belt

  • Single handed: Fast figure eights and the Drum roll left and right handed.
  • Double handed: Slow figure eights, together, staggered, balanced, eachways and Tassie cut back.

Blue Belt

  1. Single handed: Volley left and right handed.
  2. Double handed: fast figure eights and the drum roll together, staggered and balanced.

Purple Belt

  • Single Handed: The Back under left and right hand.
  • Double handed: the Volleys, together, staggered and balanced. Targets aluminium can on the ground : three hits left and right

Brown Belt

  • Single handed: the Northern Star
  • Double handed: the Goanna, together and staggered.

Red Belt

  • Double handed: Sixty cracks in 10 seconds. The Cross Overs and Northern star, together and staggered.

Black Belt

  • The Four Corners, together and staggered.
  • Long handle whip cattlemans crack, Woosh bang, slow figure eight , fast figure eight, Volleys, Northern Star and the arrow heads.

Silver Belt

For sponsors, patrons and non whip crackers.